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Advantages & disadvantages in buying a yacht privately


Buying a yacht privately without a broker, has one obvious and distinct advantage.

The yacht can bought cheaper than as in the case through a broker thus the amount of commission is spared.

This though carries an element of risk which normally would be less in the case of using a broker.

If you are an experienced buyer and your next buy is not your first boat,,you have some experience to make the purchase safer.

The risks in buying a yacht are numerous which can range from financial such as unsettled financial liabilities, unclear titles, legal implications or even physical drawbacks such as hidden damages, inherent or residual structural faults etc.. 

This means that the risk taken for a novice buyer but not only, can be far greater to a saved brokerage commission.

On the contrary the broker or yacht agent, has normally the experience to guide you through some of the steps or prevent you falling into a loop.

Sometimes irrespective of buying a yacht privately, the buyer might engage a yacht broker to assist him in the buying process for a fee which is certainly significantly less to the corresponding commission however can provide you with more peace of mind..

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