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Conditions for submitting
Following conditions apply should you submit a yacht for sale :
  1. Payment is made n advance prior to yacht appearing on the web.
  2. Counting time against payment starts on the 1st of the following month after submission although yacht will appear shortly after payment.
  3. Should a yacht is sold prior to the subscribed period, no amount is refundable.
  4. Should a seller decides to remove the yacht from the market, no amount is refundable.
  5. We hold no responsibility as to the accuracy or validity of the submitted data. Only a spot checking will be carried out, in order to ascertain that the submitted data are compatible to the submitted vessel.
  6. Subscribers will be notified one week in advance of the elapsing period should they wish to renew their subscription.
  7. Subscriptions not paid further than one week following their elapsed period, boats will be removed from live display.


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